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top 10 wandering wonders

earlier, without anything in mind to write about i have coque huawei pro thought of something quite cool and different, that i even convinced myself doing it every week. basically it would be my top ten list of anything under the sun post. and for my very first post, i have decided to list down my top 10 wandering wonders (just to be consistent with my blog’s name).

10. whenever you are on the verge of panic in a middle of an unfamiliar place. always remember that security guards are you’re best friends, money (for taxi fare) is you’re best weapon, keen eye sight is you’re best skill and taxi drivers are you worst enemies.

9. if you are quite depressed and home sick, soul searching walks in manila will likely end you up finding pimples or coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 ete an inch thick concoction spread of dirt and oil on your face.

8. if you find something moving in a garbage spot that you’ve passed by, don’t be alarmed. usually, it is no rabid monster that would coque samsung j3 2017 texte attack you nor a rapist waiting for a victim. they are actually just rats coque samsung j3 2016 fleur but as big as cats. just hope they still have fur on them coque autres huawei because coque samsung j5 2017 drole the last time i saw one it was already blushing bald.

7. if you are in financial shortage, jeepny 1 2 3 as a modus operandi is not advisable. because at times like coque rouge samsung a70 this, jeepny drivers are keener than what we think. and they could be awful naggers coque samsung a40 panda than stand up commedians. but coque samsung a50 cuir the thing is they still really couldn’t tell if you’re a student or not. so just pretend you are one. atleast you still save some cents.

6. one of the best body figures are not in gyms but among constructions sites. in writing this, i am now considering in transferring a different profession.

5. whenever riding the mrt, coque samsung galaxy a40 tigre always bring an open mind in anything that might happen.

4. the worst thing that could happen to you inside a train station is to wait for a hundred mile line just to find out on your turn that you coque cochon samsung j3 2016 lack a peso in an exact fare line or coque iphone 7 8 coque pour samsung j5 infront of a vending ticket machine.

3. taxi drivers are nicer after midnight. no extra baggage fee, traffic fee or coque samsung j3 2016 tatouage what ever fees. they would even give back your change.

2. never walk streets with head raised too high, not only because you might end up with tambay or gang tripping, but also because landmine problems are not only a persistent in cambodia. they are even nastier here in the philippines, believe me.

1. this is my all time classic (as this might already been indicated on my previous post): remember, ped xing is not a street named after a chinese coque samsung galaxy j3 portugal man who provided gun powder to help samsung a50 coque en silicone the colonial revolution. neither a relative of bike xing rail road xing etc. its just that some smart ass guy improvised it, to abbreviate pedestrian crossing. so if you’re lost never call your friends and asked them to get you in ped xing st. its definitely a lesson learned for me.

“5. whenever riding the mrt, always bring an open mind in anything that might happen.”Tell me about it!I ride the MRT every day, and I often refer to it as the 10 minute coque samsung j3 2016 sans frais de port horizontal descent to Hell itself. Nothing has happened to me coque autres galaxy samsung so far, except that I’ve developed claustrophobia. I figure that if I woke up at 4 AM and rode the 5:30 AM train to North (my work is at 7) I could still get a seat. pareho pala tayong mahina sa math. pero coque femme samsung j3 2017 definitely mga panalong experiences yun. ginagawa ko din pala coque huawei p10 yung kay sharon cuneta sa crying ladies. yung sasakay ka tapos sa pinakagitna, mag rereact ka na kunyari mali yung sinakyan mo. pero tama naman yung binabaan mo. hahaha. mahigit beinte sila, dalawa lang kami. pero mga 5 lang yata yung dumaluhong sa’ken. ung sa isa samsung galaxy j3 2016 coque siicone kong kasama nagpyesta ang the rest. hahaha. ang saya, dahil nagamit ko ang aking natutunan sa panonood ng animes at swerte naka steeltoe shoes pa ako. nakakaawa lang yung kasama ko dahil nasira yung polong suot. masaya pa rin kami pareho dahil action packed experience yun. chill lang. siguro dahil sa mukha lang din akong pera. hahaha. yun na ang top 12 (after top 11 ni kiks), mag mukhang busabos kapag araw ng sweldo para mukhang mahirap. iwas hol up. baka umiyak ako sa gitna ng kalsada. mahirap nun pano kung yun na lang talagang nabayad mo ang last na pera mo napag bintangan ka pang hindi nagbayad. tsktsk! patay!hk: minsan muntik na rin akong mapaway. dinaanan ko na lang. madami sila eh. siguro kung mag isa lang, pupulutin niya eye balls niya sa kalsada…

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